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2022 EPI Canada conference

With nearly 500 registrants from across the country, representing the full spectrum of early psychosis care, the CCEIP's inaugural national conference was a big success! 


Learning Objectives

After participating in this conference, clinicians will be better able to;

•Recognize the signs and symptoms of psychosis in the early phase of illness;

•Develop strategies to minimize relapse risk for patients with psychotic illness;

•Support comprehensive treatment plans focused on functional recovery and safe transitions of care

•Consider regional differences in the standardization of early intervention services across Canada

Dr Ashok Malla:

Functional Recovery in Psychosis in the Context of Early Intervention in Psychosis

Access Slide Deck Here

This initiative has been sponsored in part by Abbvie, Janssen, and Otsuka-Lundbeck Alliance through an educational grant.

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