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This initiative was sponsored in part by Janssen Inc through an educational grant.

Triage of Psychosis in Primary Care:What You need to know!

Dr Alexiadis has served as a family physician in the Halifax area for over 30 years. She has held many leadership roles at both the provincial and national levels, including President of Doctors Nova Scotia, Chair of the Board of Directors at Doctors Nova Scotia, Speaker of the Canadian Medical Association and Member of Past Officers, at the Canadian Medical Association. At present, she has a number of leadership positions within Nova Scotia Health, including Senior Medical Director of Primary Care And Chronic Disease Management Network and Head of the Department of Family Practice in Central Zone. More recently, Dr Alexiadis was involved in establishing POST COVID integrated care services in Nova Scotia and helped lead VirtualCareNS, a virtual program at Nova Scotia Health to allow unattached patients to access a primary care provider online. The ongoing professional focus for Dr Alexiadis has been on clinical practice and leadership in medicine, including serving as co-investigator on multiple research studies examining various aspects of psychotic illnesses and schizophrenia. This interactive case-based program will assist primary care physicians with;

  • Recognizing and diagnosing schizophrenia in the early phase of illness

  • Referring for diagnostic and therapy confirmation

  • Engaging patients and their caregivers in a treatment plan

  • Collaborating with other health care providers on patient care

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