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Lower-Risk Cannabis use guidelines for psychosis

The Lower-Risk Cannabis Use Guidelines for Psychosis (LRCUG-PSYCH) are evidence-based recommendations for reducing psychosis-related risks when using cannabis. The guidelines aim to empower individuals to understand the potential risks related to their cannabis use and to make choices about their consumption to help reduce their individual risk of psychotic outcomes. The LRCUG-PSYCH were developed by a team of international health and addiction experts and are based on a comprehensive review and evidence grading of scientific literature on cannabis use and its associations with the development, course, and outcomes of psychosis. The LRCUG-PSYCH were published in the Journal of Dual Diagnosis in 2023 and consists of 11 core public health-oriented recommendations.

In addition to the guidelines, a suite of resources have been developed to support awareness, education and implementation of the LRCUG-PSYCH in clinical practice:

The LRCUG-PSYCH have been endorsed by the Canadian Consortium for Early Intervention in Psychosis.

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